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Shenzhen Xinst Technology Co.,Ltd as a global leader in providing adhesive tapes and precision die-cut component parts for customers in the consumer electronics, automotive, industries in China. We strive to provide customers with quality productsand exceptional service at competitive prices.

Xinst unique product families range from adhesive transfer tapes, double coated tapes, single coated tapes, foam and mounting tapes.Such as teflon tape, high temperature masking tape, high temperature polyimide tape, copper foil tape, alumin umfoil conductive tape, anti-static tape, ESD tape, EMI tape and gaskets, waterproof tape, non-slip tape, shock-proof tape, thin double-sided tape, strong tissue double sided tape, PET film double-sided tape, conductive tape, thermal tape, flame retardant tape, PE foam double sided tape, acrylic foam tape, PE protection film, PETprotective film and so on.

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Xinst provides OEM die-cutting process products for many kinds of tape solutions. High quality silicone, acrylic, rubber and butyl pressure sensitive adhesives areprecisely coated on a variety of plastic, PC, PET, foil, fiberglass, PORON, EVA Foam,PE Foam to compliment our broad product line of adhesive tapes. Applications includesplicing, bonding, surface protection, temporary attachment, bundling, sealing and shielding. We are good partners with 3M, Nitto, TESA brand adhesive company.

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With years' profound researching, manufacturing and business experiences in this field, XINST develops various kinds of industrial adhesive tapes and component parts solutions which are widely used in different industries such as digital-electronic, photo-electric, home appliances, telecommunications, automotive printing, garment,leather etc, the products are popular among customers.