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Xinst has strong experience manufacturing precision die cut components for electronics. As electronic devices become smaller, more sophisticated and more powerful the challenges facing today's design engineers are becoming more complex.  Large OEM Electronics Manufacturers choose Xinst as their partner because of our material expertise, unmatched die-cutting capabilities, engineering experience, and global capacity.

• Bonding and sealing gaskets – camera, window LCD, ear piece, power button, etc.
• Protective tapes and films for the exterior and critical surfaces
• Circuit board attachment, electrical conduction
• Speaker and microphone filters
• Electronic device housing vents
• Touch screen optically clear adhesive and film
• Thermal management pads
• Moisture indicators
• Heat sink attachment
• Spacers and cushioning within assembly
• Light blocking, reflection

• Thermal management:  gap fillers, gap pads, silicone, phase change, thermally conductive insulators and adhesives
• Optically clear adhesives
• Electrically insulating
• High temperature tapes
• Copper and aluminum foils
• Filter and venting
• Foams and cushioning
• EMI and RF shielding
• Adhesive transfer tapes and double-coated tapes
• Electrically conductive adhesives

Why Xinst?
By early engagement at the new product design stage, Xinst provides cost saving advice and design optimising solutions for electronics manufacturers.
Xinst helps Electronics OEMs to achieve innovative product design, with high quality adhesive tape solutions for EMI shielding and thermal solutions. 
Global market leader of Smart Card lamination with our Thermofilm range, which offers versatile bonding properties with excellent quality and long term performance. 
We provide tailored solutions of precision custom die-cutting, each aimed at improving your manufacturing processes whilst reducing your product costs.