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Hot Melt Adhesive Film (double sided adhesive)
Jan 04, 2019


Basic Info.

Model NO.:Hot melt adhesive film (double sided adhesive)
Type:Double-side Tape
Temperature- Resistance:High Temperature
HS Code:8407909010

Product Description

    Hot melt adhesive film (double sided adhesive)
The product is by drawing and lapping, roll is made of hot melt adhesive mesh shape, with double bond properties, is a kind of indispensable clothing accessories, widely used for bonding between clothing and a variety of textile fabrics, sponge, non-woven fabrics, all kinds of leather shoes, pasting and pattern making, convenient operation and use just, clip it in the two layer to paste cloth, iron or by hot press perm, the product quality is stable, high adhesion, good permeability, resistance to dry cleaning, washing performance, no bubble, no wrinkle, no glue permeation, soft and elastic. In addition, the hot melt omentum has the advantages of pollution-free, as a composite material, but also can be widely used in furniture, wood, interior decoration, insulation and heat insulation materials, automotive roof and interior decoration and other fields.
This product has excellent adhesion fastness, air permeability, dry cleaning, washing properties, no blistering, no wrinkles. The products are mainly used in clothing door lapel, collar, cuffs and hem, foot mouth at the hem, smooth seams, belts, straps, shoulder pads fixed; glue car floor, roof, car insulation panels, seat decorations; all kinds of textile fabrics, woven cloth, sponge with no adhesive between the interior; decoration, sports goods, adhesion between the insulation materials and other materials.
Can be customized size according to customer specifications