Rogers Poron 4701-30 Series Soft Material

PORON 4701-30 Series Very soft, easily compressed for use where flexibility is a key requirement. Standard available thickness range from 0.021"



PORON 4701-30 Series

Very soft, easily compressed for use where flexibility is a key requirement.  Standard available  thickness range from 0.021"

4701-30-15188-04、   4701-30-15250-04、 4701-30-15250-04、
4701-30-15375-04、   4701-30-15500-04、 4701-30-20062-04、
4701-30-20093-04、   4701-30-20093-48、 4701-30-20125-04、
4701-30-20125-04、   4701-30-25031-04、 4701-30-25035-04、
4701-30-25045-04、   4701-30-25047-04P、4701-30-20064-04P、
4701-30-25037-04P、  4701-30-20095-04P、4701-30-25021-04P、
4701-30-25047-04P、  4701-30-20064-04P、4701-30-25037-04P、
4701-30-20095-04P、  4701-30-25021-04P、


  • Excellent compression set resistance which enables durable, long-term performance for gasketing, sealing, and cushioning.

  • Low-outgassing and non-fogging, containing no plasticizers or residual chemicals to contaminate the device. The material will not become brittle and crumble and is non-corrosive to metal. 


widely used in electrical appliances, speakers, electronic toys, computers, lighting and other products, can let the glue attached with a surface of the finished products, have stop slippery and anti-vibration effect, and communications, electrical products such as small parts of the joint is fixed, protection. 




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